Wonder Woman (2017) Will Stay True to Her Character in Solo Movie

The Amazonian Princess has been given a great head start to popularity in the live-action film world thanks to the much discussed Batman v Superman and her presence will not be forgotten any time soon. Her solo film will be directed Patty Jenkins (Monster) and written by Jason Fuchs and will appear on screen next year.

Diana Prince, the warrior princess who finds her way off the shores of Paradise Island is swept into a world that is our own, only it was during World War I, and she has no clue what the heck the social norms are within this new found world she is embarking, and that will be her personality going into the solo film. I mean, who in their right mind can comfortably fall into a world opposite their own without trepidation and heartbreak and those are likely to be the focuses on her character early on in the solo film which will end up being a prequel to the events of Batman v Superman while tying in all the extra questions surrounding her character from the sample size we were given.


In BvS, Wonder Woman stated how she had fought monsters from other worlds before and with her origins dealing with Greek mythos and the monsters that have come with it, it would be no surprise that they show us which monsters she ended up facing back in the 1910’s where she ends up fighting alongside Steve Trevor and company.

We will definitely be seeing her life on Themyscira and the relationship she has with her “sisters” and other family members on the island and will resemble that of the Thor films when it comes to the fantasy aspects, but will likely take on the ideas of Captain America: The First Avenger as so many have pointed out, but they’re likely correct in that assumption only it will have that gritty tone that DC has set up so far. We shall see…


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