The Kingsman 2 Gets a Title and Brief Synopsis

Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to bringing fun and wild comic-book style films to life and one his best has to be The Kingsman: The Secret Service which hit us with a bang back in February of 2015 and with all the cash it received as well as fan and critical praise we are definitely getting a sequel and we have the title.

The subtitle for what star Taron Egerton calls an “international story” will be The Kingsman: The Golden Circle and it makes enough sense with all the rumblings of stars like Julianne Moore and Halle Barry being tied to roles as CIA and FBI like agents. Empire Magazine was able to get an exclusive interview with the director and his plans for the sequel. Vaughn has never returned to any of his films for sequels, but claimed he like the way Julianne Moore’s (now confirmed) villain role would be and also stated that “Spy films are only as good as their villains.” and he is absolutely right.

When reading what ScreenRant had to say about Vaughn’s comments I had to chuckle with curiosity and excitement:

The Golden Circle, by the sound of it, aims to combine world-building with another spy adventure storyline that (similar to its predecessor) incorporates many an idiosyncratic element into the mix – in the case of the Kingsman sequel, a skiing action sequence, robotic dogs, and what Vaughn describes as a fight featuring “a massive f***ing frankfurter,” among other things. Kingsman: The Golden Circleis going to be doubling down on everything that its predecessor had to offer, by the sound of it; whether this film will be better for it (as well as bigger and crazier) remains to be seen, though Fox has high hopes for the Kingsman sequel – what with certain cast members already contracted to appear in a third installment, should The Golden Circle become a hit.

Sandy Schaefer gets credit for that paragraph above and I know for a fact that we as a whole are more than interested in the whacky stylings of the spy genre that Vaughn has planned for us next.

Sources: ScreenRant & Empire



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