How Batman v Superman Lost and Gained Promise For Fans and Warner Bros.

Warning: There may be some SPOILERS down below in the discussion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

If you haven’t read my review for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice definitely check out the unspoiled decoding of my most anticipated film arguably of all time. If you’ve read it already you know why my feelings were hurt, but also why I know there are redeeming qualities to the film and its make-up. Bringing us iconic characters in a battle only nerds and comic-book lovers were excited for, the general public was seen as a confused herd of cattle that knew who the characters, but not much else to them fighting.

The solution to this was for the writers and studio to jam in nearly five characters and their lazy stories into one film, but while the convoluted battles and origins jumped around like rabbits on Easter, you saw the glimmer of Superman’s S shine through the film, and what does Superman say that S stands for? It’s hope and that is what I have for the future films. What gives me hope is obviously that they cast the right actors for the parts they played with Jesse Eisenberg still up for debate with many people. With that in mind, DC/WB need to do something really simple and they may not like it because they’re trying to be different, but they have to follow Marvel’s lead.


Step 1: Tell the Origins of the Justice League Members One at a Time

Instead of the film being about the fight between Batman and Superman, we had to be force-fed why all the players would have to join forces. Now, it’s not too difficult to figure out that Batman and Superman were not going to be enemies for very long, but there was so much unnecessary plot points thrown in (randomly at that) to keep up with and if those stories were just told through a single film at a time and we waited for the Justice League film I am confident our opinions of the film would have turned out differently.

Step 2: They Should Have Made This “Man of Steel 2”

Superman has and always will play second fiddle to Batman and that’s what happened in this film. There was so much rich material about having Superman be accountable for the destruction in Metropolis to have given him more screen time as well as introduce Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor respectively. Keeping it between these three characters would have made for a magical film with banter out the wazoo and it would have showcased the opinions on Superman and his actions more naturally. But the biggest detail I would have included in Man of Steel 2 is (SPOILER ALERT)… Superman’s death and the repercussions of his death on Batman, Lex, and the citizens of their world who saw him as a menace. Long story short, it would have been the story line “The Death of Superman” and Doomsday’s plot line would have made more sense.

Step 3: Reveal the JL Members at the End Somehow

I didn’t mind the little email that had all of the founding JLA members in it, but fans were stern on their belief and opinions stating how lazy it was, and I’m not disagreeing, but going back to my conversation about hope for the future of DC films, those clips shown on Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, and  Wonder Woman got me jazzed up to see their films and if that was the job of showing glimpses of our favorite meta-humans then it worked, but I think that it should have been tagged on at the end of the movie somehow rather than in the middle.

If they can just pinpoint the proper talents to write these films in a way that will fix the convoluted mess of Batman v Superman I think they will be on the right track to bring fans back into the likeness of this cinematic universe, but what they tried to do was create something without realizing how fast they were going.

If there’s some good stuff you can take out of this it’s that they can learn from their mistakes and hopefully realize what needs to be done from here. Rather than betting it all on the table they should put only a few chips down at a time and find a way to gain more through a little.

What do you think they can do for the franchises moving forward and what did you like and dislike? Comment below and tell me what you think!



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