As Cool As Batman Was, We Need to Talk About (SPOILER) & What We Thought About It – Discussion

Ben Affleck as Batman was an inspired choice that worked out marvelously, as a whole, but after seeing the movie there is a detail about Affleck’s Batman that go ignored and that detail may be considered a SPOILER to some so if you don’t want to know what that detail is STOP READING and just read my review on the film on the main page.


Batman was killing people folks! Everyone knows that Batman is this violent, but morally driven being who falls on the borderlines of criminal and hero. As his origin has shown countless times, his parents were taken away from him by a criminal who shot them both in cold blood with a gun. Since then, Batman makes sure never to use guns or kill people at all because he knows that if he crosses that line he will become what he hates the most. In this movie, Zack Snyder made the bold decision to have him use a machine gun to mow down bad guys like they were blades of grass and it was shocking in a bad way.

If he was going to use the gun to shoot specifically buildings, trucks, or other inanimate objects it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this was unrelenting murder and it really feels out of place for any rendition of his character.

Once we get a confirmation on Affleck’s solo films I hope he is able to flesh out his version of Batman for the audience and Jeremy Irons as Alfred can help bring some depth to this grizzled, criminal branding Batman we have been given. I just hope that something changes in his solo film that eliminates the whole gun usage and killing of criminals because there are certain things you don’t change in a character’s lore and that is a big one to never change. Keep the neck snapping in the dream sequences and for aliens or robots.


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