Shane Black’s Dark Comedy ‘The Nice Guys’ (2016) Gets an Official Trailer – Trailer Review

Who would have thought these two were so funny? With Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black returning to his wheel house of funny, but dark humor, we see two of the best become a quirky duo about a missing person, a dead pornstar, and a down on his luck private-eye.

The first trailer (see the Red Band btw) was the exact same tone as this one and that’s actually a positive statement. Too many times in film trailers we see different tones of the film through differently cut trailers for the movies themselves, but this on the other kept its attitude while giving us newer footage and funny moments.

This is gearing up to be a comedy that is beloved at The Gunn Range, humor we probably shouldn’t laugh at in any other circumstances, but humor nonetheless. This actually has a fascinating story as well as great talent in front of and behind the cameras which has geared me up to see this movie.


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