David Ayer Picks Netflix To Fund His Supernatural Cop Film ‘Bright’ with Will Smith

When we heard the odd description of what Bright is and who was involved, it seemed quirky and ridiculous, but with the director of Suicide Squad bringing his star Will Smith with him as well as Joel Edgerton to bring to life a Max Landis script it makes sense that he was likely in dire need of more creative freedoms. With Ayer having worked with Warner Bros., Universal, and Columbia Pictures, it proves that Netflix will likely become a breeding ground for the un-cuffed film makers.

Netflix won the bidding war for the tentpole film and will be giving a $90 million budget to Ayer and company to create the film, but the film maker said it wasn’t strictly for the money, but the freedom to create a violent, but compelling story like he wants. Ayer is known for his violent films whether it’s writing Training Day or directing and writing both End of Watch and Fury and the upcoming Suicide Squad. 

Ayer and Landis made it very clear that this will be a Hard-R film that big studios wouldn’t have backed financially or through other means of support and that’s why they chose Netfllix. Ayer had this to say:

“I can’t even speak to any theatrical release plans for this; I don’t even know if that’s going to happen, and it wasn’t my priority. I was after the creative freedom, the ability to make really hard-R-rated movies with vision and voice and see them play in the on-demand world. You do that as a theatrical release, and you’d better hit a bull’s-eye, some cultural zeitgeist. Otherwise it’s a gamble for studios; it’s easier for them to justify $200M budgets for tentpoles than $40M to $90M for the movies I like to make”

With that in mind, this is turning out to be an intriguing prospect from this group of men, and it’s not like Netflix is new to allowing quality original content to flourish on their median. While the pairing of Landis, Ayer, Smith, and Edgerton is bizarre at best, it’s like waiting to watch a UFC Match between men who are in completely different weight classes (literally) and let’s hope those styles translate to something fun and entertaining once it hits Netflix.

Source: Deadline


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