Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique Getting Old or Am I Crazy? – Discussion

If you haven’t already seen, there is a new X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer out there and not only does it showcase the title villain with his horsemen, but a bright blue Jennifer Lawrence at the forefront. For quite some time, J-Law was the new darling in cinema with her breakout role in Winter’s Bone. Since then, Lawrence has won an Oscar and lead her own franchise as well as become the muse for David O. Russell and she has done a great job in the process, but I am crazy for saying that her Mystique portrayal and story line is getting on my nerves?

In the original two Bryan Singer X-Men films we saw model/actress Rebecca Romijn as the blue skinned shape shifter and she quickly became a fan favorite. After some messy X-Men films and a reverse in the timeline, Romijn ended up not being their woman for the job any longer. With that, Lawrence, hot off roles as Katnips Evercleans and her Oscar-winning turn in Silver Lining’s Playbook the studio felt compelled to get her on another big franchise.

Recruiting her talents was not a bad idea, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have maybe tried harder to find someone who fit the role more than Lawrence. To me, she has had an interesting enough origin and evolution as her character, but she takes me out of the films, and to see her front and center in a film that brings a young cast of X-Men characters like the ones we know and love. Yeah, her story lines are vital to the continuation (which is good), but it proves the point that no matter how good an actor is, that doesn’t make them ideal for a role.

I see Jennifer Lawrence as her normal self more than I see Mystique and that’s an issue with these larger films. Casting an unknown (or lesser known) actress would have likely aided in my thought change, but that’s obviously not happening. Am I crazy or do you get what I’m saying here? Lawrence serves better in films with David O. Russell where she can bite into more mature roles that she’s clearly good at doing.


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