Our Greatest Fears Have Been Realized, A Remake of ‘Ben-Hur’ (2016) – Trailer Review

There are good remakes and there are pointless remakes and this falls under the latter. Ben-Hur is a timeless classic that took Hollywood by storm with its epic scale and deeply integrated story. An iconic performance by the great Charlton Heston made this remake battle its own uphill battles from the beginning, but with its first trailer and poster now released, that battle became as tough as that chariot race.

Instead of giving us a Gladiator style remake of the film, they decided to make it look like yet another throw away sword and sandals “epic” with electric guitar riffs in between. This trailer does nothing but lesson my excitement for what could have been an interesting (at best) remake of a genre film that has yet to see a revival. The cast is of quality, but that doesn’t mean much when the direction seems like it was trying to be “cool and modern” while being equally as dramatic.

I didn’t like this trailer at all and I actually had to pause it and finish it a few minutes later which is exceptionally bad when it’s only two minutes long…

Let me know if you liked or disliked the trailer in the comments below.


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