Central Intelligence Trailer 2 (2016): “It Takes a Little Hart and a Big Johnson” – Trailer Review

Two of the most successful funny guys in the new era, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are the odd couple we’ve wanted to see. We saw a trailer not too different from this a few months back, but it still has my attention. With Kevin Hart actually being the straight man of the comedic duo (more or less) it allows The Rock to show off his goofy side yet again.

While the horrid CGI of chubby Dwayne Johnson may have some people wondering about the quality of this film, don’t worry, I have to believe it was done that way for the comedic side of that plot detail, and it is funny.

Hart has had a successful career to this date, but his throwaway comedies have not helped us want to see his other movies. This on the other hand has the potential to really get his film career back on schedule. I looks like a comedy in the vein of the Steve Carrell and Dwayne Johnson remake of Get Smart mixed with Ride Along which can work if we pray enough.


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