Disney Has Confirmed ‘Indiana Jones 5’ in the Summer of 2019!

With a woahful forth installment of one of the greatest franchises in film history fans wondered if there would ever be another good Indiana Jones movie. With Harrison Ford looking more grizzled by the day and the character discovering aliens and what not you almost wonder if they should have quit while they’re behind or should finish the film with a redeeming action adventure like we’ve all sort of wanted, but not really.

Disney and Spielberg have all stated that while there was some chatter about a “new” Indiana Jones, they had eventually stated that Harrison Ford is the one and only Indiana Jones. Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, and others were brought up by fans all across the web in hopes they would reboot the franchise, but that appears to not be the case, and Disney is sticking with their statements.

Now, this is not to say that Chris Pratt could not somehow be cast as an original character in the franchise (or any actor for that matter), but they tried and failed with a greased up Shia LeBeouf and some weird CGI primates to no avail. Steven Spielberg will be back behind the camera and Ford will stay Indy, but no other cast members have yet to be confirmed.

Are you excited or cautious?!


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