My Top 10: Rainy Day Movie Genres Worth Watching

I love rain. Rain is good. Rain is life and rain makes my movie viewing all the better. I don’t know about you weird anti-sun people, but I actually like to do stuff in the real world when it’s nice out, but when it comes to rain (and night time of course) I love throwing in a good movie to snuggle up too and watch. Naturally, this list will be of strictly my own opinion and small review, but the criteria is pretty transparent.

Rain becomes a character in the film scenes that flood its characters literally and figuratively and that’s exactly what it does to the audience. These films don’t need to have even a drop of rain, but it makes the effects and emotional depth that much deeper. Either way, I want to hear your films you love to watch on rainy days

Criteria: They have to be movie genres that make me cozy when it’s raining. 

Science-Fiction: When the precipitation shrouds your windows and the white noise calms your nerves, it opens a void of your mind that makes us think of space and portals, and our thoughts become deeper and deeper. The sci-fi I imagine on rainy days isn’t always E.T. but mind benders such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Artificial Intelligence, District 9, or Jurassic Park.  Others include films like Blade Runner and Minority Reportjust to name a few.


Crime Drama: This ranges from most gangster films to the classic murder mystery and everything in between, if there’s crime and drama, it is likely a crime drama. Films include; Se7en, Gone Girl, Zodiac, Casino, L.A. Confidential, Taxi Driver, and classic film noirs of the 40’s and 50’s. I also throw in movies like The Dark Knight, Chinatown, Collateral, and The Departed.


Romance-Dramas/Romantic Comedies: No said you couldn’t laugh a little, but chances are, the rain is bringing repressed memories of that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to feel sad and happy at the same time. Don’t tell me you don’t gain a whole emotional reaction when you throw in When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall, Roman Holiday, 500 Days of Summer, or Up in the Air. Sometimes you don’t need the comedy and you just want The Notebook, Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Blue is the Warmest Color, Blue Valentine (But be warned, that sh** is sad), or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Anime: Anime can be found everywhere if you have the internet or Netflix, but while binging their shows is always welcome, the movies are vastly undervalued for their mature content and gorgeously rendered visual styles. Anything from Studio Ghibli will be a good idea and Spirited Away takes the cake for rainy day anime movies, but not far behind it is, well, everything else I guess, but here are some non Studio Ghibli films; Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Only Yesterday, Akira, Metropolis, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

(Any form and style of animation is always a good choice)

Fantasy: Is there ever a time you feel like you’re stuck in Middle Earth and you just need to slash up some Orakei at the Battle of Helms Deep? Yes there is, you just won’t admit. Fantasy takes us to places that feel as mythical as what outside perceives everything to be. The grim fairy-tales and fantasy epics sweep us off our feet and make us believe magic and fictional creatures are real. Think of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and you know exactly what I mean. But I also am referring to The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, Reign of Fire, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, Pan’s Labyrinth, Willow, and The Wizard of Oz.


What genres and film hit you the hardest when it rains? I enjoy them all, but regardless, these are the ones my eyes pick up first. Please SHARE and COMMENT and LIKE to make this page strong and thriving! Thank you so much.



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