Batman v Superman Writer Not Returning to Write ‘Justice League Part 2’

Chris Terrio is an Oscar winner and has been hired with the help of friend and work partner Ben Affleck for Affleck’s three recent films (not including Gone Girl). Terrio won for the Best-Picture winning film Argo and is the scribe behind the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has been signed on to write Justice League Pt. 1, but it looks like the talented writer may not return for Part 2.

Terrio stated that it has been “one of the most rigorously mental exercises I’ve had in my writing life” and I can understand why. World building is already a task that takes precision and detail, but for already existing characters the audiences know is even more of a challenge. Bringing DC’s best superheroes all together for the first time in live-action is a job and a half.

We haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, but it will be determined if the writing was up to par with the standards audiences did or did not have. Terrio is clearly a superb wordsmith and can bring us powerful quotes, like most good writers, and it will be exciting to see the end product come March 25th of this year.


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