What Do We Think About Spider-Man in the Latest ‘Civil War’ Trailer?

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

I think it’s safe to say we are all going to see this movie, but it was confirmed that a certain web-slinger was going to make his appearance in the movie, and we all lost our freaking minds! Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea) is not a name we all know yet, but we will, and we heard his voice as Spider-Man for the first time as well as his new suit for his third installment as a live-action hero. Holland was a cool choice and took the pressures off of the character to be extra good if it was a bigger name than Holland.

Once we saw the suit at the end, I think it’s safe to say that we were thrilled and somewhat relieved to know he would have a significant role in the film, but to learn he is on Iron Man’s side adds to the dimension of the film. But what about that suit of his? Do we like it? That’s for you to decide in the comments below, but this writer has some questions.

The first question is simple, will this be his main suit for the whole film? Like many superheroes, there is always an alternate version or suit the heroes wear in different situations or if the character is specifically adapted from a certain storyline. The hope that I’m holding out is for Tony Stark to create this for Peter Parker at some point:

How cool would that be?! The Iron Spider armor suit makes a cameo in the Civil War story-line in the comics as a gift for Peter to take Iron Man’s side, but that’s to be determined if Parker stays on Tony’s side, but that’s not my main concern at all, it’s the quality of Spider-Man himself. I don’t doubt the film will be nearly flawless looking on the big screen with the realistic suits and armors the characters already, but Spider-Man looks he was ripped out of his comic or cartoon (both good and bad) Roger Rabbit style. I don’t doubt that the context of his character will come together once we see this showdown unfold, but I hope the super-suit isn’t green or animated.

Otherwise, this seems like a standard cameo we were all hoping and expecting with a new found Spider-Man on the big screen. Civil War comes out May 6th, 2016.



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