‘Tomb Raider’ is Considering ‘The Force Awakens’ Star Daisy Ridley

My love for Daisy Ridley has no bounds and she proves day in and day out why that love is warranted. With that out of the way and in the open, I don’t want her to do this role. This is not to say she can’t do it because Star Wars proved to us that she is a “force” to be reckoned with. She’s beautiful, is capable of pulling off action, and she can actually act, but I don’t want her to be trapped in unoriginal properties. With that being said, this has endless potential as a franchise that could separate itself from the campy nature of the Angelina Jolie franchise from the early 2000’s and turn it into a female Indiana Jones of sorts.

Video game movies are also the unconquerable genre so far with all the adaptations from video games being mediocre or “so bad their good” and if Assassins Creed or Warcraft can breathe life into the genre, I have a feeling we will finally get a formula that works for adaptations like this.

Roar Uthaug (The Wave) is set direct the film (meh), but Ridley isn’t the only actress considered for the role, but she’s the hot pick (literally). Tomb Raider video games have had their own reboots with a more realistic Laura Croft as the lead rather than the busty blue shirted bad-ass we know and love, but she’s now a rugged, realistic rendition of the British archaeologist.


The more I type the more I enjoy her possibly being a runner up for the role… I just want more Daisy Ridley, but don’t we all?!



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