The Second and Final Trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Has Finally Dropped! – Trailer Review

Not only will this be the longest Marvel film to date, but it will boast one of largest assemblies of superheroes to date for the studio. We see Cap and Tony retain their mutual disagreements in the form of an all out brawl that will not only include characters we already know, but one web slinging teenager we’ve all been waiting to see. How does he look? Well, that’s for you to decide.

My thoughts? I think it looks like a cartoon, but I like it(?) I don’t object to the black outlines other than the black outlines of his eyes. Like in the comics, it looks similar to his counterpart and comrade Deadpool but that’s not the comparison I want to necessarily make. His introduction would have made more of an impact in the movie if we didn’t end up seeing him in any trailer.

His cameo was needed for the general audiences I’m sure, but it changes the landscape of the film knowing he is in during the big showdown. The positives, his relationship with Tony is going to be exactly how I hoped it would be. Smart and sarcastic and they will likely be poking fun at each other throughout the film.

What do you guys think of Spidey’s appearance in this final trailer and do you like how Civil War is shaping up to be?


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