Joseph Gordon-Levitt Leaves ‘Sandman’ For New Line Cinemas

If you’re thinking about the Spider-Man villain that is Sandman you’d be sadly mistaken. No. I’m talking about the grim fairy-tale created by author and graphic novel icon Neil Gaiman whose prized stories involve deities from other worldly realms of magic and so on. Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been signed on to possibly star, direct, co-write, and even produce the adaptation, but is now reported to have left the project with respect due to creative differences.

What this means for The Sandman’s future is uncertain, but it does leave a hollow spot. JGL is an incredibly gifted artist and has done all the mediums of entertainment well to date. It was because of that I had little concerns with him coming on the project, but as all fanbases go, they weren’t happy with his positions on such a cult favorite.

Gaiman himself has stated he would have seen someone like Tom Hiddleston in the role of Morpheus (not related to Matrix) aka The Sandman which may have pricked the ears of the New Line executives and could have attempted to go into a more differentiated route from what Levitt was bringing to the table.

It was a “passion project” for the talented actor, but that doesn’t always mean it is best for a film’s production nor quality, but we hate to hear him go nonetheless. In a few friendly Facebook posts the creator himself Neil Gaiman and Levitt shared kind words for each other and appear to have ended the film relationship with pure class as we assumed they would. Not much is known on who will take the reigns of the film as of now, but as always, stay posted for more news.


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