The Female Led ‘Ghostbusters’ Film Has a First Trailer! Check It Out – Trailer Review

I’m pretty sure I was the biggest skeptic when I first heard this news for a new female-centric Ghostbusters film. I didn’t think that putting an all female was a bad idea because it’d be with women, but because the studio was trying to capitalize on a brand name by “drastically” changing the film as a reboot.

After seeing this trailer, I can happily put my foot in my mouth with excitement for this new take on the film. The cast was great from the start. Some of the funniest women working in Hollywood with a director who is familiar with the genre of comedy makes for a combination that should work, in theory.

The gags seem promising and nostalgic to the original films while bringing a flair these women are famous for. It also looked really well shot for a sci-fi comedy that produced some CGI ghosts that resemble the originals (Slimer included) but didn’t feel nearly as campy as it could have looked with new technology or not. I am happy to report that this will likely be a special remake/continuation of a film franchise that has spawned one of cinemas deepest questions: “Who you gonna call?”


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