‘Suicide Squad’ Director Will Direct Will Smith & Joel Edgerton in Contemporary Cop Thriller


It’s a good sign that Suicide Squad director David Ayer liked working the Fresh Prince on their first ever collaboration because now Ayer will team up with Will Smith again and bring along Black Mass and The Gift star Joel Edgerton to a story that comes from the eccentrically brilliant mind of screenwriter Max Landis (American Ultra, Chronicle). As a person, Landis is the question mark to all of this. He is a quirky (to be nice) person no matter where you see him and his bold statements and loud persona make him a polarizing figure at best, but when he gets it right, he is an extremely original and talented young writer.

The fit seems odd as well. David Ayer is a superstar in his own right as a director – we’ll see if Suicide Squad is as good as it looks – and has brought a rough and edgy style to his films, but you have to believe that the screenwriter & director like Ayer – who wrote Training Day and directed/wrote both End of Watch and Fury – can find something cool to do with a fantastical cop thriller with two of the biggest A-Listers around.

There is not much known about the plot, but you can likely expect it to be quirky and away from the normal aspects of its genres. Smith is currently shooting for his film Collateral Beauty and Edgerton can be seen alongside Michael Shannon in Midnight Special.



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