How Can We Improve on the Oscars?

The Oscars are no stranger to controversy and we always like to harp on what we didn’t like rather than what we did like. The Oscars Ceremony isn’t perfect nor will it ever be, but there is definitely more than enough ways to improve on its current status as an entertainment award show. This year we saw Chris Rock boldly go where few people tend to go except maybe Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, but we all know the Golden Globes are the frat boy alternative to the “stuffy” Oscars.

When it comes to the Oscars, it lives and dies by whatever the host has to offer. Chris Rock wasn’t necessarily “bad”, but his social commentary outweighed anything that would have been extra funny like we’re used to seeing from him. I think of the best hosts and their showmanship that excited the audience and brought them into a place where they could release endorphin’s and put their cheek muscles to positive use. Think about what Hugh Jackman, Steve Martin, and Billy Crystal have done in the past and use some simple analytic processing to gather a reasons as to why it works and you’ll know where I’m going.

  1. Get showmen and women to host: It’s not like the Academy doesn’t get entertainers, but it doesn’t mean they always get people who know how to put on a real show. It’s easy to find someone who knows how to talk, but its about getting a talented enough person to bring more than a stand up routine, but if that’s what they’re going to do, they have to bring their best for such a wide audience.
  2. Get rid of all but one live-performance: This is not the Grammy’s! I don’t want three lengthy performances by the nominees and risk them singing off key and awkwardly during a film awards show.
  3. Start the actual ceremony earlier: I have nothing against the Red Carpet stuff whatsoever, but if the actual show is going to be about three hours and ends at midnight start the dang show earlier.

That’s all I ask. It’s not an extensive or even complex list to grasp, but they would do wonders for the quality of the show itself I think. If anything, they need to take notes from other fun award shows like the Golden Globes and let some people lose once in awhile.

Leave your suggestions to fix the Oscars down below and tell me what you think in comments below.


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