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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Is A Claustrophobic Thriller In the Cloverfield World – Movie Review

The more I spoke about this movie being out in theaters I quickly learned how much fans enjoyed the original Cloverfield film. One of the few quality found footage films we’ve seen in the last decade and a half, Cloverfield was a monster movie that left us wondering if there would ever be a sequel or prequel to such a film, but the closest thing they could give us was a movie no one knew was even being made only to throw Cloverfield in the title, but man was this a thrilling movie.

To be fair, I’m not so sure I should be giving you details on this film at all. In order for you to have a quality film going experience seeing this movie, I will have to be even more vague than I normally am so bear with me. Mary Elisabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) gets toppled over in her car after an accident on the road only to awake in a bomb shelter cuffed in a cement room. Within seconds do you feel yourself starting to hold your breath and tense up your muscles because this film is claustrophobic and unnerving thanks to the limited settings and a great John Goodman performance.

With unknown issues in and out of the bunker, Michelle (Winstead) can only look on in contemplation for a way to escape this safely created prison. I give the film makers and writers loads of credit for going the direction they did with her character. Too often we see victims in films be portrayed as too fearful to think straight or logically, but Michelle as a character was a naturally flowing, impressive character brought to screen. Winstead doesn’t need to be a damsel when she is in distress and that adds to her fear of the situations at hand when she does show levels of fear. Her on screen chemistry with her co-stars is impressive and sometimes darkly funny, you know, in an Ex Machina sort of way where the humor comes when least expected and you will know that there’s no point in giggling for long.

One element of the film that has been discussed and question is the shift in genres (which I will NOT spoil) and how it all plays out by the end of the film. I am still trying to wrap my head around what the point of that certain thing was, but after reading interviews on the inspirations behind the metaphors within the film, the ending does end up making sense, but I’m not sure it was the right decision either. With that said, I was captivated by the sheer terror and thriller aspects of the cellar in which the film takes place and the psychology that you have pick up in between. Nonetheless, the film was a thrill ride with an indie sensibility, but sprinkled with some Hollywood flare by the third act. Is it a sequel to Cloverfield? It is not, but it doesn’t have to be, and what you get instead is a film by a promising film maker and great performances by the three leads.


French Film ‘The Intouchables’ Will Get An American Reboot with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart

If you haven’t seen the 2011 French film The Intouchables, go to Netflix and treat yourself. A charming comedy that deals with subjects that could have made it an Oscar caliber drama instead takes on a premise with laughs and wit. Omar Sy originally played an ex-con turned caretaker for a quadriplegic millionaire which ends up having them become great friends.

Kevin Hart will likely portray the ex-con and Cranston the millionaire, but boy wouldn’t it be funny if it went the other way. A remake for American audiences makes sense financially and because the film in Europe made millions and millions of dollars, but in America only bolstered $10 million of its $420 million worldwide, but what direction are they going? My question now revolves around the tone of the remake itself. Do they want to go the standard comedy route that Hart has been doing with his films or can he finally tone it back enough to make a smart comedy-drama alongside Cranston?

They are both extremely funny men in Hollywood so I’d have to believe they are sticking with the strong comedic elements, but it’d be cool to see Hart and Cranston take on the endearing drama that made the first film so charming.

The original trailer below:

Composer Hans Zimmer Has “Retired” From Doing Superhero Movies

One of the top two composers arguably in film history has hung up the cape for superhero movies as it seems right now. While talking with BBC HardTalk, Zimmer – composer of The Amazing Spider-man 2, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman – stated that he is retiring from the “superhero business” and will not be scoring films for superheroes any longer.

Before we jump on the man for saying he is done with composing music for one genre of film, how about we sit back and realize that Hans Zimmer can do whatever the heck he wants. If you were to put two dozen of your favorite films in a hat and pulled one out, chances are Zimmer made the score. The man works constantly in Hollywood without any breaks and has been recruited to some of the biggest scores out there and for Batman v Superman he had to create different scores for nearly every main character!

With that in mind, Zimmer is a creator and to put creative minds in a confined space, in this case a movie genre, you are not able to see their full potential shimmer. In his interview, Zimmer was heartfelt and sincere like he always been in his career writing music for films and that is to be admired. While it spells a new dilemma for DC films and their music because Zimmer was reported to be scoring all the Justice League characters, but with his good friend Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL being a name people are becoming familiar with, it’s fair to pass the reigns to someone of that caliber, but let’s be fair, Junkie XL did Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, and worked directly with Zimmer for Batman v Superman.


Guys & Gals, James Wan’s ‘Aquaman’ (2018) Is Going To Be “Badass”… Hopefully


If you have never read a comic book in your life then treat yourself to reading the coolest version of Aquaman I have ever read in Geoff Johns’ New 52 Aquaman run and imagine Jason Momoa taking on what the comic book version of Aquaman does.

Why James Wan Ideal to Direct Aquaman

Look, I don’t want to keep blaring the same horn without hitting the right notes, but damn it, I have hitting the right notes for some time now. James Wan, while I am a total chump when it comes to horror films, has made me realize what kind of scary movies I enjoy, and its because all the horror films he has made have been good films and that’s what matters here and assuming his comments about adding “sea monsters” are true – they definitely are – then I am more than amped for this film.

Wan had this to say to IGN about the tone of his superhero film:

These are the reasons I still hold out faith in DC and we really need that Rated-R directors cut of the films.


Wonder Woman (2017) Will Stay True to Her Character in Solo Movie

The Amazonian Princess has been given a great head start to popularity in the live-action film world thanks to the much discussed Batman v Superman and her presence will not be forgotten any time soon. Her solo film will be directed Patty Jenkins (Monster) and written by Jason Fuchs and will appear on screen next year.

Diana Prince, the warrior princess who finds her way off the shores of Paradise Island is swept into a world that is our own, only it was during World War I, and she has no clue what the heck the social norms are within this new found world she is embarking, and that will be her personality going into the solo film. I mean, who in their right mind can comfortably fall into a world opposite their own without trepidation and heartbreak and those are likely to be the focuses on her character early on in the solo film which will end up being a prequel to the events of Batman v Superman while tying in all the extra questions surrounding her character from the sample size we were given.


In BvS, Wonder Woman stated how she had fought monsters from other worlds before and with her origins dealing with Greek mythos and the monsters that have come with it, it would be no surprise that they show us which monsters she ended up facing back in the 1910’s where she ends up fighting alongside Steve Trevor and company.

We will definitely be seeing her life on Themyscira and the relationship she has with her “sisters” and other family members on the island and will resemble that of the Thor films when it comes to the fantasy aspects, but will likely take on the ideas of Captain America: The First Avenger as so many have pointed out, but they’re likely correct in that assumption only it will have that gritty tone that DC has set up so far. We shall see…

The LEGO Batman Movie (2016) Gets a Teaser Trailer Poking Fun At All Things Batman – Trailer Review

This may end up being one of the funniest films of the year if it sticks with the tone we are seeing – which it likely will – and with the success of The LEGO Movie and the minds getting back together for another LEGO installment.

Will Arnett is Batman yet again and pokes fun at pretty much every Batman to date including the most recent film that is Batman v Superman. 

Ralph Fiennes as Alfred is awesome and we have yet to hear Zach Galifianakis as The Joker, but the anticipation is growing more and more by the day. Keep it up with the trailers today Warner Bros. because they’ve all been awesome.


Lights Out (2016): The 2nd Horror Trailer of the Day Is Even Scarier – Trailer Review

Want to hear something cool? This was originally a really freaky short film, but because it was so exceptional as a short film Warner Bros. snagged the rights and the original director to make this a feature length film. With this new trailer, it definitely confirms that I am a vulgar term for a part of the female anatomy.

This was even scarier than The Conjuring 2 trailer that dropped earlier today and it has Wan as a producer for this one as well. The idea that you can’t do anything in the dark without something evil coming closer and closer to you is beyond terrifying and I think that directors and studios are beginning to realize that horror is not all blood and guts and that anticipation for stuff to be scary is what really makes our spines tingle, not strictly blood and guts.

The original short film can be found HERE.

The film will release on July 22nd, 2016.

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