Winners and Losers of Last Night’s Oscars

The Oscars are never perfect, no they are never perfect, but they are fun nonetheless. With Chris Rock unabashedly taking jabs at the #OscarsSoWhite controversy looming over the prestigious award show was no surprise, but it doesn’t mean people weren’t any less uncomfortable and slightly annoyed at the constant bashing of the Academy – which is run by a black woman by the way – and then the use of little Asian children as props for a semi-funny joke about the creation of technology.

There was far more diversity and surprising picks for than I think the normal audience would have predicted and that is where I want to highlight some of the winners and losers of the Oscars, but first, let’s just make clear that Cate Blanchett and Charlize Theron are goddesses and definitely won all things fashion on the red carpet.


  • Australians: Mad Max was on a tear and ended up taking home six Oscars in the technical categories, but none for its director George Miller nor did it get the coveted Best-Picture nomination. Either way, they were well represented at the awards and proved that genre pictures can be exceptional too. 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and his fans: No longer can we make “Leo has no Oscar” jokes, but I think Leo and ourselves are fine with retiring them. He took home the gold for his work in The Revenant which ended up being his too lose. He then used his allotted time to once again bring up topical issues about the environment which brought roaring applause.
  • Brie Larson & Jacob Tremblay: If you follow me on twitter (at thegunnrange) you will know I was gushing over these two stars of Room and their chemistry and all around likability. You could see them sharing high fives and smiles all night and it was only getting cuter and cuter. Tremblay is not even ten years old yet and he has the intellect of a veteran and his cuteness permeated screens as his co-star took home her first Oscar for Best-Actress.
  • Louis C.K.: I’m always scouting potential hosts of the future Oscars and it wasn’t hard for Louis C.K. to showcase why he’s the best choice. He made me and audiences laugh the hardest when presenting the Best Documentary Short and stated that “this award was likely going home in a Honda Civic”. He has my vote for next host.


  • Stacey Dash & Confused People Everywhere: I’m not normally this crude or blunt, but when this bitch came on stage our population went back to having foreheads for a moment. For those who aren’t aware of this fool’s controversy and why she came up on stage to waste our time and give herself a shot in the spotlight, it was because she more or less stated that BET needs to be shut down and the NAACP should not be continuing their aid of black people. Yeah she’s black, if only by technicality. No one knew the joke and even those who did could not bare to laugh nor see her stupid attention whore self on stage at the Oscars.
  • Best-Supporting Actors You Wanted to Win: This has been one of the most stacked categories in recent memory and it’s not hard to see why, but this year was not nearly as clear cut. Mark Rylance had a great performance and no one will argue that, but I think the impact for me and audiences came from a nostalgia pick like Stallone for Creed while folks like myself actually saw Spotlight and loved it knew Mark Ruffalo should have been the guy. The scene where he’s screaming at his own journalism team is where he wins it, but I guess the Academy wanted to give it to the older guy. All good I suppose. 
  • Chris Rock: This was a hosting gig that didn’t become satirical as in South Park, but rather like an art-house film that forgot it wasn’t on a news channel. As a black man, I completely understood and appreciated the passion, but that doesn’t make it not funny. I want to be entertained, not preached at, and the sermons were entirely too long for our liking.
  • Sam Smith: Don’t worry, I liked your song. It’s that whole not knowing who’s gay and who’s already the awards thing I don’t like. Research those bold statements before you make them homie.
  • Flint Michigan Fundraiser: Girl Scout Cookie money could be aiding people who have toxic water, just saying.

All in all, the awards were passed to those I felt deserved it. Naturally, you have a preference over another person, but that doesn’t make the winner less deserving. Yes there is a color issue, but that doesn’t mean the Oscars weren’t diverse. We had Australians, Hispanics/Latinos, and whichever Chileans fall under take home historic Oscars last night and that’s a beautiful thing.

But it was Spotlight that took home the granddaddy of them all. It came home with Best-Picture and gave Tom MCCarthy his first nomination and win for Original Screenplay.

What were highlights and lowlights from last night’s Oscars and who do you want to be the next host? I have Louis C.K. or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.



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