Predator and Alien: Covenent Get Release Dates From Fox

Two of the most iconic extra-terrestrial beings put into film at 20th Century Fox are making their returns to the big screen in a big way, but don’t worry, these are solo films. They tried and failed with an Alien vs Predator (twice) and I think they learned their lessons.

Ridley Scott’s much anticipated prequel/sequel to his hit film Alien and the polarizing Prometheus will be moved from it’s October release into the summer in August while “The Predator” will come out in March 2018 with the director of The Monster Squad and Shane Black returning to pare up for the sequel to the 1987 classic.

October seems like the better month for a horror/sci-fi movie to come out and puting Alien: Covenent in the summer could add competition and take away the best month for any form of scary movie.

March on the otherhand deems a good fit for a film that hasn’t a movie surrounding it since the flop of Predators back in 2010 with Adrian Brody.


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