‘Ready Player One’ Adds X-Men’s Tye Sheridan in Lead Role

It’s not uncommon for a Steven Spielberg movie to have some young stars in big roles. We’ve seen Spielberg make his money and success off of such stories revolving or involving young people and it somehow doesn’t come off as annoying. Ready Player One is the popular young adult sci-fi novel about a dystopian future where the only escape from the desolate world these people live in is through virtual reality where young men and women alike battle in search the an egg that leads to fortune.

The game is called OASIS (appropriate enough) and Sheridan will portray a gamer named Wade Watts aka Parzival aka Z, a young man who lives in a home built from stacked vehicles and mobile homes.

Sheridan also starred in the indie smash Mud with Matthew McConaughey and Joe with a wildly bearded Nicolas Cage while holding his own each time. Ready Player One now has it’s leading man and woman and it’s villain and will be set for release in March of 2018 to avoid competing with that little Star Wars movie.


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