‘Selma’ Director To Film Adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time” For Disney

Ava Duvernay has garnered cult praise already with her film Selma back in 2014 and also because she is a talented minority director. Putting down the whole race/gender thing because, well, it doesn’t matter that much, Duvernay is a director we’ve wanted to see after the acclaim her MLK film garnered.

A Wrinkle in Time is a science-fiction/fantasy genre book that will be adapted by Disney – the studio that want Duvernay for either Black Panther or Captain Marvel – who will also have The BFG (directed by Spielberg) on their slate as well.

The young adult novel is one of the most critically acclaimed novels in its respective genres and will require a talented young cast for its conception into live-action. It will be written by Oscar-winning Frozen writer Jennifer Lee and it is not confirmed which of the multiple films Duvernay has been courted for will turn out to be the first project we hear her working on, but you have to assume it will this one.

Read more here from DEADLINE

Expect to hear Duvernay attached to multiple projects from the major studios after this.


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