No, Ronda Rousey Should Not Be Metroid/Samus


Rousey shouldn’t even be acting for one thing, let alone hoping for the big roles that warrant a quality actress. Samus is a famous Nintendo character from the science-fiction/action video game Metroid which has always garnered praise for its unique story-lines and female led mech-suited hero.

If you’ve ever played Smash Bros. you know who Samus is and if you don’t, she’s really cool. Rousey has the right idea behind why Samus is cool – I’ll give her that much – but it takes more than passion to bring a character to life. It takes talent and a skill-set that breathes life into one the most famed characters in video games, not strictly the blonde hair, and hard-ass demeanor. This is not to say Rousey can’t one day be a good actress, but right now she is far from a thespian.

Do you know who is perfect for the role of Samus? Emily Blunt!

If you’re asking me, Emily Blunt will be the best candidate for most female action roles that come to fruition. Not only does she look like Samus, but she knows all about sci-fi films, but she is an exceptionally convincing actress through all genres she faces. Rousey, you’re cool and all, but get some quality roles under your belt and then start using your name for those roles.


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  1. 100% agree. Rousey is:

    1. A whiny and unstable poor-sport that deserves nothing handed to her.
    2. Is suicidal, in case you’ve all forgotten.
    3. Is not attractive, an important factor in the casting of Samus.
    4. Is not interesting, another key factor for the character.

    Nintendo wouldn’t allow someone like her to play that character. They have great standards in their women, and rousey meets none of them besides gender.

    The idea is purely laughable.

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      • Absolutely, and I’m intrigued by your suggestion of Emily Blunt. She looks like a Samus, and her acting skill would breath life into the role.


      • I just watched Edge of Tomorrow last night and she is just wonderful. Likable, Badass and sexy, but above all an actress you can take seriously in every role she’s in. Of course, this movie hasn’t been discussed so this movie probably won’t be happening for awhile.


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