‘Pete’s Dragon’ (2016) Looks Like ‘The Jungle Book’ But With a Green Dragon – Trailer Review

I was hoping this would be more “fun” looking if we’re going to be entirely honest. Instead, I was viewing a teaser for what looked like The Jungle Book or a young Tarzan movie, but without the gorillas. Thankfully the last shot delivered on what I was anticipating and that is seeing a new age Elliot in action as “Pete’s Dragon”.

I hope the the full length trailer showcases the mood of the film and that this was merely a bleak reintroduction to a property some of us (me included) have known and loved since we were kids.

Speaking of Tarzan and The Jungle Book live-action re-tellings, have you noticed how their trailers have shots of the lead boy/man running through the jungle at rapid speed only to jump confidently off of a ledge? This is where trailers lose me, the similar tones for every trailer, and little being teased beyond a cliched looking plot even though Pete’s Dragon was much more than what this trailer gave us. I hope to see better of this modern retelling.


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