A Live-Action ‘Astro Boy’ Is In the Works, But Are We Excited?

Anime fans and the two fans who saw the CGI film version of this property might be the only people remotely stoked about this film. New Line Cinemas, the branch of Warner Brothers Studios, has taken up the task and challenge to creating a (hopefully) compelling and quality live-action version of Astro Boy. Astro Boy is a robot child created by a scientist who lost his birth son, but to make Astro useful beyond his son’s replacement, the scientist gave him superhero like powers to fend off evil.

This Jipetto and Pinocchio like story became a prominent comic strip and mange for nearly 40 years but has since only had TV shows and one box-office flop as a movie. The writers for San Andreas have been recruited to pen the script…

Are you guys and gals excited or nah? let me know in the comments and share and follow me here at The Gunn Range for the latest on film…stuff!


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