Could ‘Wolverine 3’ Be Getting the Rated-R Treatment?

Are any of us surprised that Fox Studios is trying to make their final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film Rated-R? Unless you’ve been in a coma – I hope you haven’t been – you would know that Deadpool has been nothing shy of a smash hit, financially and with the fans. With Deadpool being owned by Fox along with the many X-Men characters, it’s no surprise they want to likely push the rating for Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film to R.

Expect this trend to continue with the right comic-book properties in the foreseeable future, but also expect the copycat nature of Hollywood to ruin a beautiful rarity and over-saturate us with something that doesn’t fit. With that being said, I can see the final Wolverine being a Rated-R film that won’t look like a gimmick.

The only reason this final Wolverine film should be Rated-R is for some graphic violence and language. There would be no need for him to break out random sex jokes or break the fourth wall like his red-suited counterpart, but if they want to make his ending more visceral and dramatic and make it Rated-R it can be done, but it doesn’t have to be.


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