New Spawn Film Will Not Make Him a Superhero

While Todd McFarlane has always been a great illustrator for characters like Spider-Man and Spawn, he is has been one of the few big names to branch out from the superhero category with original characters, other names include Mark Millar and Alan Moore, and it looks like McFarlane will be continuing that trend with his new Spawn script by making it more of a horror, thriller/mystery.

McFarlane claims that his new story is going away from the standard comic-book adaptations and will branch into a genre that will highlight the horror and suspense elements in Spawn’s origin and stories. McFarlane likened him to the “boogeyman” rather than an anti-hero and something like a spectre that lurks in the shadows preying on those who pray on the innocent.

He continued to answer the questions of whether or not there will be a villain or if his design will look the same and McFarlane gave the shocking answers of “no” to both questions.

McFarlane was reported today saying that he wishes to finance, direct, and write the film himself on a low budget in hopes to help with the creative control he wants. Stripping away any pieces of the story that require high volumes of CGI will surely help make his budget more manageable and horror films have always proven to be profitable on low budgets. Assuming this low budget horror-thriller can make profit like projects from, say, Blumhouse Productions, you could see McFarlane’s next Spawn film have an increase in funds.


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