Spawn: Todd MacFarlane Has a Completed Script!

An exclusive scoop from, it appears Spawn creator and illustrator has finished a script for the film and is pleased that it came out in the year he said he wanted it to happen. McFarlane said:

“I’ve finished the script, and I’m in the process of editing,” McFarlane told ComicBook when asked for an update. “It’s 183 pages, and [producers] usually like 120. I still think it’s going to end up being about 140, because I’m putting in details for myself.”

MacFarlane is passionate about his creation and is still reported to be directing, writing, and producing the film (to my dismay), but any steps closer to a Spawn film is good news for me.

He claims he wants the budget to be small so he can have the creative freedom he wants and also so they’ll likely let him direct, but while he is a creative genuis you wish he would let his ego fall to the side and let a more capable director show his property some love. His script is lengthy and I’m sure has plenty of good material and he could still be a consultant and producer on the film, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.



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