10 Actors Who Could Play X-Force’s Cable

All I’m to say is this, SEE DEADPOOL!! If you have already then you know why this post is relevant. If you’re a fan of the X-Men and anything Deadpool you too know why this is being written, but for those unfamiliar with the time jumping cyborg here’s some history.

Long story short, he is the futuristic warrior whose relation to Jean Grey and Scott Summers makes him their biological son, sort of. Long story short, he is a mutant that was born in the future only to become an organic android mutant type that later leads the X-Force in a fashion that Wolverine has done in the live-action films. He is telepathic and telekinetic while possessing and powerful metal arm and parts of his torso. He’s a soldier with with motivations to keep his people safe and he has a hilarious back and fourth relationship with the fast talking Deadpool. 

Who would play him? Well, here’s who I think are good choices:

10. Liam Neeson: We need Liam Neeson in something other than those God-forsaken Taken movies. We all know how great Neeson is and his range is at the top of the list with the other great actors living today. We’ve seen him train Batman, Obi-Wan, and he has lent his voice to some of the coolest animated characters around and Cable would be a peace of cake.

9. Sean Bean: This could finally be a role where Sean Bean doesn’t die! How nice would it be to see Sean Bean in a film where he gets to come back regularly? He’s obviously a surefire talent who has shown his hand in countless genres as villains, anti-heroes, and straight up good guys. He has a scowl and head shape for the role without being a being solely a suit for the character.

8. Dolph Lundren: Hey why not, right? He’s clearly a proven actor and he has the physical presence of someone like Cable and presents a highly intelligent actor who could do more service to a seriously cool character like Cable.





7. Neal McDonough: A comic book film regular at this point as a cameo appearance in Captain America: First Avenger and being a voice in Batman: Assault on Arkham, he is a face and voice you may not realize you know. He is has the white hair and the square jaw and the acting chops to go along with it. He also has great charm and range to do serious as well as sarcastic.

6. Liev Schreiber: How funny would it be to bring back someone that was in X-Men: Origins as a character Deadpool can poke fun at. Not only is Schreiber a great actor, but he already has proven to work well with co-star Ryan Reynolds and he fits the tough soldier like persona that Cable presents.

5. Stephen Lang: Remember that guy from Avatar with the big arms and facial scars? Tell me he isn’t Cable in real life. He doesn’t even try to be Cable, he just is Cable. He’s a soldier in pretty much all his movies and he can hold his own against snarky red suited anti-heroes without having too many issues.

4. Mel Gibson: Maybe this is the role that gets Gibson out of purgatory that he put himself in after all those sexist, racist, and antisemitic things he shouted on a one phone… maybe I’ll win the lottery, but who actually knows?!

3. Gerard Butler: We’re all familiar with this Scottish born actor and his ruggedly handsome looks and impressive acting chops. He could easily transform into the bad-ass android from the future. His work on films like 300 proved he can do physicality and movies like RocknRolla showed off his comedy. While Cable isn’t always cracking jokes, he at least knows how to react to them in a timely manner.

2. Ray Stevenson: The dude is familiar with science-fiction and action films, how good those films have been is another question, but he was never the reason the films sucked. He is grizzled and grey haired like Cable is and presents a lesser known face to the character that he could make all his own with less added pressure.

1. Jon Hamm: Jon Hamm is great, first and foremost, and he has only been in select films over his time, but has always been a welcome addition to the films he’s been in. He is great on the hit series Mad Men and provides the perfect mixture of assertive and subtly comedic that works well with Deadpool. He could comfortably lead a film as he does it on television all the time.


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