Screw Your Pessimism, ‘Batman v Superman’ is Going to Be a Success

I have nothing against HitFix whatsoever, but because of a recent article stating that Warner Brothers is not confident in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice being a success has me calling shenanigans. I love comic-books and superheroes, I don’t discriminate between which side is better or worse, but the public likes to look at Marvel as the only way to make comic adapted films without any faith in other studios. Drew McWeeny claims that the studio is getting cold feet on the project because the reception of the trailers has been lukewarm at worst and I’m here to say this film will not be a failure.

Here’s why:

Whatever the pessimists think about DC properties, claiming their whole slate is already doomed before it gets its largest guns into battle is not only unfair, but just ludicrous in general. I completely understand that, Marvel properties for example, have earned their high praises, but this world of bandwagon, sheep like, movie fans and journalists have to press the breaks. Where are the other insiders on this “scoop” stating that the studio is concerned? McWeeny has a solid track record, I get it, but where are the hundreds of other high ranking journalists and insiders on this story? It doesn’t have weight to me nor should it to you.

This all came after the final trailer dropped for the movie two days ago – this was the best trailer to date for many – which showed Batfleck in full motion throwing bad guys like darts into boards with ease. It set the motion for what could be the most faithful rendition of Batman we’ve seen as he faces the Last Son of Kryton in a showdown of the century. What’s everyone so scared about? I assume we’re all up in arms because they revealed a villain we all knew was likely to show up, I get it, but we need to stop with taking things down before actually seeing the film.

People forget that the title of the film is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We all know the main outcome after their fight whether you read comics or not.

Why would DC and Warner Bros. be concerned with a film they’ve spent so much money and time on? Why be nervous now? They moved the f**king film to it’s current date a year ago! If the “news” is true that they are nervous with this film then let’s hope it’s just one of the executives getting cold feet and not that it’s actually a piss poor movie. Batman and Superman are the most iconic superheroes of all time with recognition that spans the entire world.  The marketing has been a clear success showcasing what we are in for come March and it’s no secret as to how this showdown between Gods will end. Calm down and get off the haterade for a little people and realize that we are in for a year that has already given us an incredible Deadpool film to start off this renaissance of star studded superhero movies.

Call me crazy, but an Oscar-winning writer, director-actor who gets better with age, a flawless Superman in Cavill, and the visual splendor of a director who gave us 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, and The Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole. Call me crazy, but I’m as all in for this as DC and Warner Bros. are, and to say their slate will be totaled even with the much anticipated Suicide Squad doesn’t work for me.

End rant.


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