Johnny Depp Circled For Lead Role in Universal’s ‘Invisible Man’ For Monster Universe

Universal’s monster universe felt like a large cash grab when they deemed their next few films were going to be revolving around a Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. I blame Marvel for this, even though it’s not their fault, but the additions of Tom Cruise as an undisclosed character for the rebooted Mummy film caught our attentions and now another large name has been added to the monster universe.

Johnny Depp has been reported to have been approached and signed off for a role in the Invisible Man remake written by Ed Solomon (Men in Black) but no director has been penned for the project.

Whether Depp with be playing the title character or is merely one of the leads that revolves around the Invisible Man is unknown, but with a property like this and Depp’s diverse experience as an actor for unusual and gripping tales it should make perfect sense for Depp to likely portray H.G. Well’s Invisible Man.


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