Superbowl 50: All the Trailers You Need to See – Trailer Review(s)

Short but cavity inducing with how sweet it is. What we appear to get is a glimpse at the pure destruction Apocalypse will be bringing with his Four Horsemen and they all look ready to do damage.

Next up is the trailer for Captain America: Civil War with the reveal of the teams on Iron Man’s side as well as Cap’s side and the showdown looks like it will be something one of them isn’t coming out of, but who will it be?

Next is the return of Jason Bourne and Matt Damon as the spy who won’t die. He looks like he is ready to whoop more glute after being stranded on Mars for a year and people have to pay for it.

And here comes another sequel I don’t care about, but I admit it looks interesting.

You’re probably wondering why I’m not showing or discussing TMNT 2 and it’s a really simple answer, it looks terrible, and everyone including myself has stated how bad it looks so why waste time and space?


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