Comic Book Characters That Should Be Made Rated-R

With Deadpool coming out this Thursday, it made me think, what characters in the comic universes would serve as a quality Rated-R film? This doesn’t mean making someone like Superman or Batman Rated-R because, while that would be interesting, they aren’t proper characters that warrant blood, guts, sex, and/or swearing. With Deadpool, his character is bathed in those traits while also breaking the norm by showing his ability to break the fourth wall.

For this list of characters, I thought it would be fun to imagine some characters that are worth giving R-ratings for due to their content and subject matters while not giving gratuitous material to their respective characters more than they may already have.

When I think of Rated-R characters in the comic book world, you have to think of the characters beyond the already popular or cult films such as Watchmen and 300 and take them out of the mix. The big two are Marvel and DC, but little do bandwagon hero lovers know that there are far more companies that specialize in comic book characters. With cult popularity of someone like Spawn you wonder what is taking so long for them to reboot the film and give it some full blown talent behind it like any other studio has done with most of their properties – Fox and Fantastic Four not so much – but the possibilities are endless.

Starting this list of characters goes to the aforementioned:

Spawn: Anything having to do with a character who later becomes a Hell Spawn most likely has to be rated-R. With extreme violence and terrifying imagery, the castration of a character like this would be taking away the adult themes and language from the character whose main traits relate to destroying rapists, murderers, and other demons alike. Michael Jai White was caught in the wrong time for a movie of its genre and would have served far better (most likely) to have been released in this hero renaissance we are living in, but there seems to be no sign of his film anywhere.

Next is Ghostrider, but done right. Similar to the chain wielding anti-hero that is Spawn, Ghostrider is also a victim of not one bad movie, but two bad movies. God bless Nic Cage and his once good career, but Ghostrider was one of the many bad tallies on his record. With Ghostrider being a Marvel property who wouldn’t fit in the Avengers Universe it makes sense his landing spot for a proper adaptation is likely Netflix alongside Jessica Jones and Daredevil, but that’s a far larger budget simply because of the required CGI, but that’s only a few more dollars, right?

Piggy backing off of Ghostrider, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones, we mine as well throw in The Punisher (who we are eventually getting) and Moon Knight into the hardcore heroes of Marvel. I think it’s safe to say we know who The Punisher is and why he definitely needs an R-Rating, but not many know who Moon Knight is, but if I gave you a comparison it would a version of Batman who isn’t afraid to kill some folks and he has powers from an Egyptian amulet. The difference with Moon Knight to Batman is his acceptance of his own lack of stability. What does that mean? Well.. that motherf**ker is crazy.

Switching off of Marvel for a minute, DC has a plethora of characters worth being R-Rated characters in their Vertigo sector, but characters beyond Swamp Thing, Sandman, or Constantine would be back in the mainstream line-up of antiheroes and that is the fan favorite Lobo. He’s trouble making, intergalactic bounty hunter with a disposition that makes his less than likable personality extremely likable to fans. He chews on a cigar and shoots people for fun while being able to go toe to toe with the JLA and even join them on occasion, but whether he’s PG-13 or Rated-R in a movie we just want him.

But finally, this is more of a dream than a hope, but give me movie with Spider-Man villain(s) Venom and Carnage. Of course, Spider-Man movies will likely avoid anything beyond PG-13 due to his popularity with a younger audience, but after such an exhausting last few films, Spider-Man and his villains need to be boosted in some way. Granted, the violence doesn’t need to be Quentin Tarantino esque, but imagine a subtle horror element to Carnage’s character – since he’s a murderer and all – and it could bring the Venom we always wanted.



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