X-Men Director Bryan Singer Confirmed to Direct ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ For 20th Century Fox

There was a time David Fincher was the man for this particular job, but after having wicked budgetary issues Fincher’s version of the film would fall 20,000 leagues under the Hollywood machine. Since then, Bryan Singer, the mastermind behind three of the four great X-Men films we have, will now be in charge of directing one of his passion projects for 20th Century Fox whom he clearly has a great working relationship i.e. from the money making X-Men films.

Jules Vern’s classic novel of nautical sea adventure and discovery is a property most of us know about already, but for whatever reason haven’t seen on the big screen beyond a 1954 version from Disney back in the day and probably some made for television versions with Tara Reid and the plethora of C-List actors and actresses out there.

With Singer so passionate about the source material while unafraid to add new characters and elements to this classic story, we have to pray it doesn’t turn out as ridiculous as something like his past work i.e. Jack the Giant Slayer and the polarizing Superman Returns. Not much is known on the cost of the film or who might be eyed for the leading roles of Captain Nemo, Ned Land, and Professor Aronnax, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he brought some of his X-Men co-stars along for the ride.

Source: Deadline


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