Miles Ahead (2016): Don Cheadle Directs Himself in Debut Effort as Miles Davis

Not only is jazz this writer’s favorite genre of music, but it is also full of some of the most unique people to ever grace us with their talents. Don Cheadle is sure fire talent himself and puts himself behind the camera for the first time while also starring as Miles Davis.

Passion projects tend to have lasting effects on film fans due to the amount of love and hard work required to get the films made with a hope they end up being quality films. Unlike most biopics of the past about musicians, this doesn’t seem strictly about the beginning, middle to the tragic end. Instead, this looks to showcase the titular musician through his bombastic lifestyle and beyond which appears to have a performance by Ewan McGregor we can all look forward too.

I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite musicians out there right now in Robert Glasper for composing the music in the film – which I haven’t heard yet – because I have high hopes.


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