Vin Diesel Confirms Next Trilogy of Fast and Furious Films Through 2021

Vin Diesel is nothing shy of a social media guru with how he keeps us hooked onto his newest projects and the announcement of the dates and plans for three more Fast and Furious films, including the next film which is the eighth installment, and their supposed release dates.

Once the eight film in the revved up franchise drops in 2017, we will be getting a car filled sequel every two years until 2021… well damn!

Diesel has not been afraid to take from the well that is supplying him with greenbacks out the muffler and why would he choose to stop championing a franchise that has brought him such praise and money for the studios? I know I’m partial to all these films and they hold a special place in my heart as not even guilty pleasure films, but just pleasurable films, and I’m surely not alone, right?


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