Did the Power Rangers Movie Just Become LEGIT With the Addition of Elizabeth Banks?

The answer is “not really” if you’re wanting an answer sooner than later. Banks is oober talented and equally as beautiful, but I saw Pitch Perfect 2, and I wasn’t all that impressed. Thankfully, what Elizabeth Banks has never faltered on his skills as a charismatic actress with the apt ability to retain my attention like a sponge does with water.

Look, this Power Rangers movie sounds unbelievably stupid, but so did a movie about LEGO’s or a film with Tom Cruise in an alien war version of Groundhog Day so we’ve been wrong before, but the confirmation (more or less) about Banks being a part of the film means they are somewhat taking this property serious enough to have paid off an actress of Bank’s caliber to be in the film as a villain – most are speculating Rita from the original Might Morphin Power Rangers – and we still have to wait and see.

Are you excited for the news or nah? Let me know in the comments peeps and find me on social medias at thegunnrange and like my facebook page The Gunn Range: Movies.


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