Ghost in the Shell: Film Starring Scarlett Johannson Moves From Disney to Paramount

Anime fans have expressed their distaste for a “whitewashed” version of one of the most popular anime films ever created. While I don’t understand the complaints and concerns, it’s hard to argue against Scarlett Johansson and Disney right? Well…

Disney has now shifted the rights to the film to Paramount Studios, but will continue to help finance the film and keep Johansson for the lead role.

Not much has been confirmed as to why Disney gave the property to Paramount, but it would make sense for Disney to not overcrowd their slate with films that star one of their heavy hitters i.e. Johansson since she is Black Widow in the Marvel Universe, which is all owned by Disney. Not wanting to compete with their own movies makes enough sense, but anime fans hope and wonder about the chances of the film shifting from PG-13 to its R-Rating that it had for the animated adaptation from 1995 which was also Rated-R.

Is this a good move? I’d say sure it is, but not much is changing from the star to the director – Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) – but that doesn’t get me jazzed up for this movie much…


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