Sundance 2016: The Beauty of Film Festivals Bring Fourth Edgy Film Making

Sadly I have yet to attend the iconic film festival that is Sundance, but with a lot of short reviews thanks to those partaking in the winter festivities I have been energized by what films have come out of the minds of renaissance men and women. Festivals and indie film gatherings are always the grounds for smaller budget films with a knack for individualism to seep into the minds and hearts of film lovers that are rarely seen elsewhere.

For those that don’t know, Sundance is the American film festival created by the Sundance kid himself, Robert Redford, in order to give indie film makers a chance to shine their work to an audience that has the utmost respects and passion for storytelling no matter how big or small or weird the stories may become. Great actors and directors and writers have passed through Sundance who are now a part of the large studios teams or have been able to spread influence to movie makers across the world. You think of people like Ryan Coogler as the most recent and successful young standout right now who has passed through Sundance when he released his first feature film Fruitvale Station, and now the rest is history.

Sadly, the reviews for a fair amount of films I have seen so far as less than stellar. With movies pushing taboo subjects to limits that even the largest film fan can’t get past or simply lack of fruitful execution is the problem, but there are always the redeeming few films that make things like festivals all the more worth it. A standout film with a standout Affleck and a “brooding” Lee Chandler has caught people’s attentions that is titled Manchester by the Sea while Daniel Radcliffe becomes a Swiss army knife…man… with Paul Dano. There is also a movie about a girl who falls in love with a wolf so that’s nice and weird, but as a whole, Sundance is exactly what it’s been for the last two and a half decades.

Eventually, I will be in Utah sipping on gourmet hot cocoa and shaking hands with other Cinephiles, but for now, I only look on at the fun and informative tweets regaling us about the films going through Sundance again.



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