Quentin Tarantino Has Idea For His Next Film!

After The Hateful Eight received little love at the box office this year (and last year), Tarantino is still Tarantino with his eccentric brilliance shining into completely new film idea that just might take place in Australia. He came out apologizing to Australians for his dreadful accent (while the scene was still funny) that a fair amount of Australians took offense to.

His new idea could be inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde without it being a remake. With his history of doing films such as Natural Born Killers and True Romance – which he strictly wrote the scripts for – he knows how to make Bonnie and Clyde style films and it is definitely in his wheelhouse with the crime and gangsters styles he became famous for.

Imagine, Tarantino escaping the western genre for his next film to make a 1930’s period piece crime-drama. I can see the buckets of fake blood now. This makes sense for him in every single way, his style of writing to his direction as a film maker, he is able to bring the treachery and humor to characters we probably shouldn’t be rooting for, but let’s all hope his script doesn’t leak this time… the last thing we need is his story getting changed because of some untrustworthy punks.


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