#OscarsSoWhite: Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith Are Boycotting the Oscars

Let’s lay some sh** down really quick, no matter how much you think the Oscars are the KKK and only vote for white people, you’d be wrong. If they loved white people so much, you know they would have given Leo his Oscar for the Aviator and not Jamie Foxx the award for his portrayal of Ray Charles that year, so let’s chill with all that (says the black guy).

I’ve been on record saying that the Oscars are definitely more vanilla is color this year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like vanilla! But as we know, Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith have always been strongly outspoken people, and with neither of their respective projects – in this case Jada’s husband – being nominated this year I’m sure they aren’t too pleased to see nothing but white Caucasian actors only this year, but the truth of the matter is, every single person on these lists are deserving.

Spike Lee is no stranger to controversy with his track record of films depicting race relations in America and he is not afraid to call out directors like Tarantino for his infatuation with the N-Word, but does the problem stem from the Academy voters or the casting directors and film makers for not putting more minorities in big roles in the first place? Sure, in biopics for example, you don’t cast an Asian man to play Malcolm X and you don’t get a black man to portray Benjamin Franklin, but in film in general, we are not seeing minority actors being nominated as much as some would hope i.e. Spike Lee and Jada.

It was a shock that Smith didn’t get in and Bryan Cranston did, but guess what, you switch either guy in or out and there’s going to be controversy. These are two great actors who will get plenty of other chances to in the running for an Academy Award, heck, Smith has been nominated twice and lost to a black guy…TWICE! So yeah, the Oscars are”white” this year and were the same last year, but this is a situation that logic isn’t prevailing. Go ahead and boycott lady and gent, but this is not the battle to fight just yet. It all starts with studios lack of diverse casting and more chances of great minority performances.


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