Neighbors 2: A Sexy and Funny Trailer For a Sexy and Funny Movie

Comedies are hit or miss, but more misses have tarnished the genre than I’d like, but when I double featured Godzilla (2014) with the first Neighbors I realized that comedies can actually be funny. Let’s hope this trailer is a solid representation of what the film is going to be.

Zac Effron has proven to have some great comedic timing to go with those looks and he’s using both to his advantage while Seth Rogan is, well, definitely still a pretty funny guy when he wants to be, but Chloe Grace Moretz appears to be going into her bad-girl persona yet again, and I love it.

The returning cast should boast some more quality jabs and chuckles, but with comedy sequels in history, they tend to rarely work nor be as funny as the first films, excluding Austin Powers.

Summer looks to be gearing up for a good college time and it kind of makes me want to one of the many neighbors Seth Rogan seems to have.


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