Is There Really Any Question Ben Affleck Will Direct His Trilogy of Batman Movies?

For whatever reason, it’s not confirmed that Ben Affleck – our new Batman for those who sleep under rocks – is going to direct his own solo Batman films with his as the obvious lead, but are we actually concerned this won’t happen?

Affleck was more or less robbed of a Best-Director Oscar when Argo won all its awards, including Best Picture, and lest we forget that he can clearly direct strong stories as well as action i.e. The Town and Gone Baby Gone. He seems to ideal a choice to not have him take the reigns on the directing duties that would warrant the making of his films. He’s proven to be apt at directing himself in films which is easier said than done while also being able to get the best out of his actors without issue. With all that said, why would there even be an ounce of doubt he doesn’t direct his own movies.

Chris Terrio (left) & Affleck (right)

Affleck has also been helping write the scripts for his Batman films with his award winning writer Chris Terrio (who is writing Batman v Superman and has written Argo) with the aid of comic book writer and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics Geoff Johns, not bad.

He is quoted saying that he was “inspired” by Zack Snyder due to his passions and love for the material he directs so why wouldn’t Affleck take on his own movies? Give us answers and confirmations DC and Warner Brothers! And confirm that the director is Affleck himself por favor? Gracias.


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