Diversity Comes From Casting Beyond the Same “Thespian Sharks”

Here we go with this topic again, but don’t ignore it, this could be something worth reading, and as the writer of this article I can tell you it totally is.

I bet you guys have never thought of this, but if you have than I’m just reiterating for you… “there are not enough roles going to women and minorities in film”, but don’t worry, I’m not some Black Panther slash radical feminist or something, I’m merely a realist with black skin who happens to love women, savvy?

What needs to start happening in the studios is not some outlandish “We’re not racist/sexist!” campaign, but just a better look into the film makers and artists that can bring something good to their roles in making these films. We don’t need strictly women making women-centric films and we don’t need black people making stories strictly on black people, though perspective tends to help, and the same goes across the board. What needs to happen is for studios, directors, and casting directors to dig deeper in the realm of films that have produced great actors and actresses and give them chances in their movies. This doesn’t mean take away roles from the great, white male actors (lol it’s a thespian shark) and force diversity down our throats, but who is to say that certain roles can’t be played by women or minorities?

You think of all those talented men and women starving for a chance to shine for a larger production that have been pigeonholed for their careers. It’s as simple as making token characters non token characters and finding less race driven stories, and make movies with characters that aren’t defined by their skin and genitalia. Stop making the impoverished people black and stop making the promiscuous college students women in a negative light. Not that Matt Damon wasn’t amazing in The Martian, but you realize that someone of a different gender or ethnic background could have brought something equally as charming to the role well, granted, that film was diverse as f*** and absolutely incredible, but you get my point.

Where are the female lead adventure films or the Hispanic lead comedies? It’s all something easily fixable and film makers with the big budget films should try to shake it up a bit, but how can they? Most of you aren’t seeing minority driven films and they need your dollars to attempt riskier, higher budget stuff. It all coexists in a dysfunctional sort of way and as long as the films are good we keep on going to the theaters, so why not spice it up a bit, and just make great movies? The world may never know…



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