Christian Bale Drops Out of “Enzo Ferrari” Biopic

It’s been hush hush among the front of the new Enzo Ferrari biopic and it looks like they lost their leading man. Michael Mann, director of such films like Ali, Collateral, and Heat, has been a stout force of a director over the years creating a healthy amount of quality films in his day and this felt like a promising next project, but the weight gain for Bale became even too much for the method actor. 

Bale has been known for his obsessive dedication to roles over the years whether it is losing weight for The Machinist or The Fighter, but in this case he had to what he forced himself to do for David O. Russell’s film American Hustle and that is gain a large amount of weight, but the actor is stating that is why he has to drop out.

Health concerns are always a good reason to drop out of a role for a film, but you know it’s hard work when a man like Christian Bale has to dip from the project. Hopefully his replacement doesn’t have to worry about these issues nearly as much and can bring a flair to the role like Bale would have, but those actors wanting a lead role, start eating those extra cheesy pizzas and soda because there’s a role that needs an out of shape car racer and entrepreneur.


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