George Miller Might Be MY Pick For Best Director at the Oscars 2016

The Oscars announcements have not been nearly as controversial as yester-years and the fact that such a genre bending film such as Mad Max: Fury Road has been recognized for ten of the most prestigious awards films can have is a treat for fans and those who helped make this film come to life, but I’m not sure people are quantifying how difficult is was to give us this movie and the architect behind it all was the director and creator of Mad Max, and that is all George Miller.

Whoever says action is easy to direct is wrong, making cheap explosions with people punching each other is “easy” but what Miller did to bring such a kinetic masterpiece that is Fury Road is nothing shy of a miracle. I’ve seen this film in theaters and on DVD multiple times and still sit in awe while the mixture of small amounts of green screen mix fluidly like ballroom dancers. If you were all just able to get a chance at seeing the behind the scenes of Miller creating this film for nearly eight months, you would understand what goes into crafting such a visceral adrenaline ride.

The reason he takes the cake for me at this point is because he furthered a genre in film making and I have to believe the only person close to that is the Best-Director of last year Alejandro G. Inarritu for The Revenant and even I don’t know if Miller is a lock because of the direction Inarritu brings to his film, but I do know that Miller is the director that brought us one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed films of 2015.

To make a film that is as fun while devised in such a way that warrants a discussion like this says something good about the movie. His own films evolved into something greater than any of us ever imagined and that’s a rare thing for sequels in the modern era, especially from a director whose last few films were Happy Feet and a sequel to Babe… impressed yet?

Fury Road was a mixture of technical achievements in every category – hence all of its nominations – and was far from ignored by audiences and critics alike. He broke new ground with his sequel film at the age of 70 through some of the harshest conditions, but came out on top and that’s why George Miller is going to be our Oscar winner for Best-Director.


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