Connie Nielsen Cast as Hippolyta in DC’s “Wonder Woman”

I hope this picture helped you figure out who Connie Nielson is because she doesn’t have name recognition like many of the beautiful women in Hollywood – not to say she still isn’t beautiful and talented – but if you’ve seen Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and was “entertained!” then you know exactly who she is. Nielsen has also acted in films like One Hour Photo with Robin Williams and was Mrs. Calloway in Rushmore.

Wonder Woman is currently shooting in the UK and Italy and has Gal Gadot as Princess Diana and now we can add Connie Nielsen as her royal mother, Queen Hippopotamus.

Oh I’m sorry, Hippocampus….

Queen Hippolyta I mean…

If you don’t know already, Queen Hippolyta is not actually a Queen of Hippos, but instead a queen of a race of abnormally beautiful, statuesque women that train for battle from birth and never need no man.

And did I mention Connie is 50 years old? Yeah. An ageless Amazonian indeed.



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