Remembering Alan Rickman

As the old goes, we only remember people when they are gone, and often bodes true, but in the case of Alan Rickman he will be remembered for so much more after today. His death is shocking to all of us but he left a legacy that was captivating and full of iconic roles that left us believing in magic and that Die Hard is totally a Christmas movie.

His death was due to an ongoing fight against the disease that is infamously known as cancer. For one, I wasn’t aware of this or with David Bowie (also now deceased) but it proves that anyone can be gone in a flash from the harshest of circumstances. If anything, during the mourning of a celebrity or someone at all, we should squeeze the ones we love closer and watch some Harry Potter movies because that will always be a good idea, but he was more than Snape to many people. Rickman for others that followed his career also knew that he was more than a movie star, but a true thespian and man of theater

Directing, starring, and writing plays in his history his voice carried through stages and balcony seats that only so many were able to see. His powerful and commanding presence made him the actor to fear on screen, but adore in the real world. A charitable man from beginning to end, he died around friends and family and kept them smiling until the end. You be missed Alan Rickman…

“Now turn to page 394…”

Alan Rickman, dead at 69.


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